Morning vibe from AWAKENED!

Watch out for oversleep because now the day begins with the fresh episode of morning show “AWAKENED” from Sandora and the digital agency Plan.Net Ukraine. The first season is already available on the brand's official YouTube channel.

Wanna fruits? Eat... juice!

PepsiCo has released a new sub-line of Sandora juices — Whole Fruits . Due to the special production technology the product preserves natural fiber and reminds real fruits in taste and texture.

PepsiCo Ukraine is the best employer in Ukraine in 2018!

Nowadays, all PepsiCo Ukraine team is celebrating significant event because our company has been declared the best employer of Ukraine in 2018.

PepsiCo Ukraine is WELDI business-breakfast partner

PepsiCo in Ukraine continues to support all the initiatives that help to open new possibilities for career growth of women in business.

Sandora Frutz – innovation of the year in the category of juice

Sandora – it is always an excellent and flavorful taste of juice, which delivers a wish to enjoy it till the last drop.

The freshening taste of summer emotions from Sandora Frutz

Sandora brand with Plan.Net digital agency supported by popular bloggers have opened summer season with the range of refreshing juice-containing beverages - Sandora Frutz and with a great mix of unforgettable emotions.

A sip of New Year mood from Sandora

An official New Year symbol is Christmas tree, its official hero is Santa Claus; and what is a New Year juice? Sandora decided to fill this gap and become the New Year juice.

Seasonal novelty: Sandora FRUTZ cranberry

A refreshing novelty in a line of Sandora FRUTZ juice-containing beverages has already started to appear on store shelves.
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