PepsiCo Ukraine is the best employer in Ukraine in 2018!

Nowadays, all PepsiCo Ukraine team is celebrating significant event because our company has been declared the best employer of Ukraine in 2018.

For all of us, it is a special reason for our joy and pride because now not only we but all the world knows how well and diligently the company takes care about its employees. Recognition and exclusive certificate.

We were awarded with “The Best Employer in Ukraine in 2018” by the most prestigious сenter of business management practice studies – Top Employers Institute* which holds major international researches in this area annually. It is a noticeable recognition as PepsiCo Ukraine company has joined the global club of the prominent employers for the first time in history.

 Now we belong to the elite of companies with the world known names that created the conditions of work to their employees according to the highest standards.

To work in a company that has a recognition received from Top Employers Institute, the international institute of employer research is a big honor because The Best Employers hire only The Best Employees.

That is why the Top Employers reward for our company is the Тор Employers reward for each and all of us. Since international success and recognition of our efforts would not be possible without hard and devoted work of each PepsiCo Ukraine employee and member.

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