Morning vibe from AWAKENED!

Watch out for oversleep because now the day begins with the fresh episode of morning show “AWAKENED” from Sandora and the digital agency Plan.Net Ukraine. The first season is already available on the brand's official YouTube channel.
Every morning we wake up and hurry to catch everything without noticing that real adventures happen nearby. But if you make a short pause to look around, it turns out we are the main characters of these events. It means that the success and fun of our day remains in our power. To make it real just take a sip of a real fruit charge.
Digital agency Plan.Net and Sandora dreamed up why morning and Sandora match each other perfectly and launched the online series “AWAKENED”. Our heroes get into little morning adventures from episode to episode. Popular bloggers and media celebrities Alexander Pedan, Yana Stanishevskaya, Sasha Ozolin and Maria Oz woke up with their favorite juice. The entire season of "AWAKEN" is available on brand's official YouTube channel.
For comfortable viewing, please, turn your device.