Sandora Frutz – innovation of the year in the category of juice

Sandora – it is always an excellent and flavorful taste of juice, which delivers a wish to enjoy it till the last drop. In the response to the market demand for increasing trend toward juice-containing beverages, Sandora has launched its main innovation of the year – refreshing juice-containing drink - Sandora Frutz. With Sandora Frutz the fruit refreshment sounds in a brand new way!

It is extremely tasty mix of purely clean water with the adding of juice and pulp of citrus. It will bring you a noticeable chill that will freshen you up in a hot summer day, and the freshness of fruit will always help you to quench your thirst easily and in the fastest way. Even its package is special – it has been purposefully developed in the most comfortable way for the usage on the move, for you to take your favorite drink with you always and everywhere.

This novelty product will be available in two sizes: 0,4 L and 1 L with a noticeable branding which will stand it out among other products on the supermarkets shelves to its advantage.

To indulge yourself with this amazing drink you will be able already this spring! To support this new launch, there will be PR accompanying back up and a huge advertising campaign organized both on TV and on the Internet, besides that, the positions on the selling sites will be strengthen.

Sandora Frutz – fruit freshens!

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