A sip of New Year mood from Sandora

An official New Year symbol is Christmas tree, its official hero is Santa Claus; and what is a New Year juice? Sandora decided to fill this gap and become the New Year juice.

But how to show it in an ad spot? A pack itself gives an answer. All you need is fantasy and a little morphing (it’s a kind of advertising magic). And voila: an orange turns into a gift ball, an apple into a Christmas decoration, and a peach into a snow ball.

To celebrate the ending of the successful 2017, Sandora has created a new communication called “A sip of New Year mood”, which consists of a new spot, radio ad, new key visual for advertising materials, and a special new year pack for top-5 tastes. Everything to clearly associate Sandora with a festive table.

Characters of the New Year spot are people from different families looking forward to presents and fairy tale, who meet in the end at the festive New Year table, obviously with Sandora juice. Sleight of ad and a bit of magic.

Sandora. A sip of New Year mood.



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