The freshening taste of summer emotions from Sandora Frutz

Sandora brand with Plan.Net digital agency supported by popular bloggers have opened summer season with the range of refreshing juice-containing beverages - Sandora Frutz and with a great mix of unforgettable emotions.

Extremely freshening zorb riding tournament #FrutzRunners has impressed with positive and bright emotions its guests. It was the supercool blogger festival event #VideoHeat2018 with the participation of popular bloggers such as Sashko Ozolin, Vlad Harmash and Roma Oleshchuk.

Three zorbs with participants were branded in accordance with three different tastes of juice-containing Frutz drinks – cranberry, lemon and orange. The aim of shooting and making the video of that tournament with bloggers was to expand the limits of “refreshment” traditional acceptance. And, as a result, to move it from traditional understanding – refreshment in the heat – into symbolic: refreshment of feelings and emotions.

The base of Frutz is water plus citrus juice. The base of a good summer is bright emotions and sincere feelings. Frutz + Summer = Refreshing result!

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